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FC Echigo-Tsumari is a business corporation consisting of female football players who have moved to Echigo-Tsumari region and taken care of rice production while playing football. It is a project being evloved from ETAT which proposes an alternative way to pursue passion of being a professional football player while living in Satoyama and aims to become a pioneering platform contributing to Matsudai Tanada Bank and join Nadeshiko League (female football league in Japan) in not too distant future.
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FC Echigo-Tsumari Official Uniform on sale

<The concept of FC Echigo-Tsumari Official Uniform>
White for "HOME" represents snow and rice whereas dark green for "AWAY" takes an inspiration from Satoyama with abundant nature. Leaves of rice plant represent supporters of players as eleven rice plants express football players of FC Echigo-Tsumari. Why not put on the same uniform and cheer up FC Echigo-Tsumari players!!

"HOME" uniform in size of S・M・L・XO
¥10,000 (including tax and delivery cost)

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