Flights to Niigata Airport

Sapporo:Shin Chitose Airport - Three flights/day by ANA / AIR DO (1hour 15min)

Narita:Narita International Airport - One flight/day by ANA (1hour 5min)

Nagoya:Chubu International Airport - Two flights/day by ANA (1hour)

Osaka:Itami Airport - Nine flights/day by ANA/JAL (1hour 5min)

Fukuoka:Fukuoka Airport -Three flights/day by ANA/JAL/FDA (1hour 30min)



*1 Keisei Skyliner departs every 40 minutes.
*2 JR Narita Express departs every 30 minutes.
*3 JR Joetsu Shinkansen departs every 2-3 hours.


*1 Airport Bus departs every 30 minutes.


*1 HARUKA departs every 30 minutes.

Tokyo station:Joetsu Shinkansen -> Echigo-Yuzawa station -> Hokuhoku line -> Tokamachi station (approx. 1hour 50min)

Niigata station:Joetsu Shinkansen -> Nagaoka station or Echigo-Yuzawa station -> Hokuhoku line -> Tokamachi station (approx. 2hours)

Osaka station: Tokaido Shinkansen -> Tokyo station -> Joetsu Shinkansen -> Echigo-Yuzawa station -> Hokuhoku line -> Tokamachi station (approx. 4hours 50min)

Kanazawa station: Hokuriku Shinkansen -> Jyoetsumyoko station -> Echigo-Tokimeki line - Hokuhoku Line -> Tokamachi station(approx. 2hours and 30min)

Sendai station: Tohoku Shinkansen -> Omiya station -> Joetsu Shinkansen -> Echigo-Yuzawa station -> Hokuhoku line -> Tokamachi station (approx. 3hours)


From Tokyo(approx. 3 hours)
– Kanetsu Jidoshado -> ShiozawaIshiuchi IC -> Route 353
– Kanetsu Jidoshado -> ShiozawaIshiuchi IC -> Route 17 -> Route 76 (Take left turn at Sunaoshi Crossing)
– Kanetsu Jidoshado -> Muikamachi IC -> Route 253

From Nagoya (approx. 4 hours): Chuo-Jidoshado -> Nagano Jidoshado -> Joshinetsu Jidoshado -> Toyodaiyama IC -> Route 117

From Osaka (approx. 6 hours): Neishin Highway -> Hokuoriku Jidoshado -> Joetsu IC -> Route 253

From Kanazawa (approx. 3 hours 30 min): Hokuoriku Jidoshado -> Joetsu IC -> Route 253

From Niigata (approx. 2 hours): Kanetsu Jidoshado -> Echigo-Kawaguchi IC -> Route 117

Highway bus

Niigata station⇔Tokamachi Shako-mae stop Approx. 2 hours 20 min Two buses per day 
Booking unnecessary. Visit Niigata Kotsu website for further details. (in Japanse)

East exit of Ikebukuro station ⇔ Muikamachi I.C.Approx. 3 hours 16 return trips per day From Muikamachi I.C. bus stop to Muikamachi station is 20-30 min on foot or 8 min by local bus

For booking the highway bus and enquiries:

Seizu Bus: Seating centre +81(0)3-5910-2525 (9:00-19:00)
Niigata Kotsu: Highway Bus Booking Centre +81(0)25-241-9000 (9:00-18:00)
Echigo Kotsu: Nishinagaoka Information Centre +81(0)258-29-1850(9:30-19:00)
Booking and inquiries: Visit here for booking the bus.

Niigata Tokamachi Free Shuttle Direct Bus “Green Liner”

Free ride for the shuttle bus between Tokyo and Tokamachi city for those who experience farming or volunteering in Echigo-Tsumari and stay one of the designated accommodations.

Click here to visit Kinki Nippon Tourist’s website for details and booking.(in Japanese only)


Make the best use of this map to help grasp distances between major artworks and facilities when planning your own travel.
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Model Course

The very first visit to Echigo-Tsumari: Check out must-see artworks

This is an itinerary for those who visit Echigo-Tsumari for the first time to check out must-see artworks. Approx. four hours from Tokyo to Echigo-Tsumari by train or you can rent-a-car from Echigo-Yuzawa station.