Deepen your relationship with Echigo-Tsumari!

If you are thinking about coming to the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale, wanting to visit Echigo-Tsumari outside of festival times, or just want to contribute to Echigo-Tsumari Art Field in any way – why not join the Tsumari Fan Club?

When you become a member....

Membership benefits

  • A passport for the Triennale which takes place during your membership period.
  • Membership certificate (show it to Echigo-Tsumari Art Field related facilities and other places to receive special treats!)
  • A gift of your choice will be delivered to you each autumn during your membership period.
     Satoyama Set A: Newly-harvested rice (Koshihikari)
     Satoyama Set B: Echigo-Tsumari original products
  • Regular updates from Echigo-Tsumari Art Field

Membership fee

JPY10,000 per membership (valid for three years)

How to become a member

Please check the terms and conditions of the Tsumari Fan Club (currently only in Japanese) and pay the membership fee.
There are three ways to pay the membership fee:
(1) From the on-line shop (Tsumari Shop);
(2) Pay deposit from post office;
(3) Directly at the reception desk at Nohbutai.
We will issue a membership certificate after the payment of the membership fee. ※Please note membership fee is not refundable.

1. Purchase on-line

Payment can be made by credit card. Please visit Tsumari Shop for further details

2. Payment from post office

Please fill in the following details at any of the post office nearby your place.

  • Account code:00160-9
  • Account number=725046
  • Account holder's name:Tsumari Fan Club
  • Amount:Membership fee (JPY10,000×number of membership)
  • Note:Number of membership, email address, and a gift of your choice A or B)
  • Your contact details:Name, address, telephone number

3. Pay by cash

Please visit the reception desk at Matsudai Nohbutai.

The membership card will give you a discount on entrance fee to the artworks. Example:Ubusuna House 

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