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The “Kohebi” (=”little snakes”) constitutes a group of volunteers who are engaged in almost anything relating to Echigo-Tsumari, including creation and maintenance of artworks, welcoming visitors, shoveling snow, farming, and helping locals. People from different places, backgrounds, and generations meet here and work together.

Looking for people who….

  • Want to do something in Echigo-Tsumari
  • Love to meet with people
  • Are happy to execute tasks through to completion/li>
  • Can contribute with specific skills and specialist knowledge

About Kohebi

The Kohebi is neither a system of internship under someone’s guidance and supervision, nor an organization with goals and regulations under a single leader. Everyone finds activities of his/her own interest from amongst diverse projects of Echigo-Tsumari and participates and holds responsibility for what he/she does.

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