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Help us keep Tanada.

We are looking for people who can helps us cultivate and maintain the terraced rice fields which have lost their owners due to depopulation and ageing in the region.

Matsudai Tanada Bank – how it works

  • Register as an owner with Tanada Bank
    As an owner you will support with maintaining terraced rice field by making investment and participating in rice production.
  • Day-to-day management is done by local farmers and NPO staff members.
  • Owner will receive harvested rice according to the harvest amount and area of ownership.

We are looking for those who:

  • Are interested in farming but too busy with work.
  • Cannot forget the taste of rice from Echigo-Tsumari
  • Regard Echigo-Tsumari as a “second home” and wish to spend more time in the region

As an owner, you can

participate in rice production!

Owners can learn the unique wisdom and lifestyles particular to this area from the locals. We will also invite other specialists and researchers to develop new approaches to rice production. The production begins in March when there is still snow, followed by planting in May, weeding in summer, and harvesting in autumn.

March Rice seed is put under the water to be “waken up”
April Rice seed is planted in the box for growing rice plant
Grow rice plant in a protected pool.
May Stir rice field until it is mixed well.
Planting rice
June Drain water
July Weaving grasses to protect rice plant from disease of rice
August Weaving grass to maintain the scenery
Ears form
September - Octorber Harvesting
Enjoying the harvested rice and celebrate

2.Receive harvested rice


Depending on the harvested amount and ownership you will receive an amount of newly harvested rice.

How the share is determined

Approximate amount you will receive as an owner(brown rice)
Standard course JPY35,000・・・37.3kg on average
Small course JPY10,000・・・9.4kg on average
※The guranteed amount for the two courses are 30kg and 7.5kg of brown rice respectively.

Tell us your preference!

We can deliver brown rice or white rice as your like.

Sending your share four times a year

We will send "your rice" four times a year in November, February, May and August
※Courier charge and polishing rice are not included in the ownership fee.

How to become an owner

1. Registration and payment

There are three ways to become an owner.

(1) From Echigo-Tsumari on-line shop

Payment can be made by credit card.(Please click here to visit Tsumari Shop for further details.)

(2) At the reception

Please fill in the form and pay at the reception desk at the Matsudai Nohbutai.

(3) Payment via Japan Post Bank

Please make the payment to the following designated account. Any transfer charge incurred should be covered by applicant.

Account number・・・00550-4-57917 
Account holder's name・・・Matsudai Tanada Bank
1. Your choice of the ownership course (regular 100㎡ / small 25㎡)
2.Fax number and Email address
Your details・・・
1.Postal address
2.Name (with how to read your name!)
3.Telephone number

2. Receive "Satooya (Owner's) Certificate"

Once the payment is confirmed by us, we will send you the certificate of your ownership.

3. Registration completed

Congratulations! You are now an owner of Matsudai Tanada Bank!