Kawanishi Area

Brief introduction

Kawanishi is located on the 50 meter-high hill on the western side of the Shinano river. The Shinano river used to run through before the area was raised by crustal change. The main business is the production of rice such as Uonuma Koshihikari brand utilizing the plain field. The Ex Zenkoji Street runs through Tachiban, Ueno, and Senju are which was also used to be a place where travellers and merchants pass through between Ojiya and Nagano. There were also boats between Tokamachi and Kawanishi for commuting and goods delivery until the Sakae Bridge opened in Showa 39.

Hoshina House
Hoshina Family, known as successful farmer and businessman is currently run by the 15th generation. Sake, oil, rice, salt, cloth and antiques were traded in Edo-period and its house which was build in 1842 is designated as a national treasure. Its structure with wide frontage of 17-ken (approximately 30 meter), six warehouses and two tea houses inspired James Turrell when he drew ideas for the House of Light.

Must see

Nakago Green Park
Great view of rice field and the Shinano river as well as Tokamachi city and Uonuma hills on the other side of the river with Echigo San-zan (three mountains of Echigo) in distance. Visitors can enjoy the House of Light by James Turrell and Berry Spoon run by local residence.

Must-see sites in this area