Chris Matthews

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Chris Matthews

1966Born in UK. Lives and works in Cambridge, USA

Groupe Exhibitions

1993'Konica Young Photographer of the Year' Three Red Sticks, Tokyo
1995'Building and Urban Design Forum Annual Exhibition' Tokyo Water Space
1998'Prize winning planting design for Yomei Butai' 100 Steps Garden


'Garden of the Natural Elements' Chaumont, France
'Church Farm' Muggington, UK
'Telephone Box for Witra Co.' Indonesia
'Awaji Island Yumei Butai (with Tadao Ando)'
'Ota-ku Culture Centre (with Toyo Ito)' Tokyo
'Japan Flora 2000' Awaji
'Randolf House' London
'Odaiba Sea Side Park' Tokyo

This artist's work


Nakasato Scarecrow Garden

Chris Matthews

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