Koji Yamamoto

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Koji Yamamoto

1966Born in Fukui, Japan

[Selected Works, Exhibitions, Projects, Workshops]

2001Pottery New Sense Series 20: From a Form of Cinder, INAX Tile Museum, Aichi, Japan
2000Black and White: Forms and Lines in Terada Collection, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan1999 Charcoal Sculpture − The Polar Point of Forms −, INAX Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1993CKI International Craft Art Exhibition, Sumida Riverside Hall, Tokyo, Japan (Honorary Adviser Prize)

[Selected Writing, Catalogue]

2005“Pottery New Sense Series: 50 Persons Charms and Magics in the Soil and the Flame 50 Objects,” INAX

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Koji Yamamoto



Koji Yamamoto


Kiyotsukyo Tunnel Museum

Koji Yamamoto

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