Harvest House

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I have traansformed a traditional Japanese house in the small community of Uwayu, into a series of sensory spaces where smell touch and sight are stimulated and the memory of the site is experienced. Textile Room / The Textile room weaves together references to the local landscape and culture, contemporary textile design. The work recalls the labour and activities of traditional women who weaved on looms at home, and the regions strong historical and present identity in textile production. Harvest Room / The floor is coverd by a white field of rice grain, referencing the regions identity in rice production. Landscape Room / This work comprises of a series of sculptured walls. The exterior of this room is made from a large quantity of rice straw. Recalling the local custom of hanging rice on racks for drying. Charcoal Room / It refers to the local activity of charchoal burning as a main source of livelihood for the local farmers, also to the extraordinary qualities of the material that helps to absorb moisture, protecting and preserving the house from the harsh climate of snow and humidity.


Lauren Berkowitz


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    From the late April (It will be open after snow season) to the end of October

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    618, Yumoto, Matsunoyama, Tokamachi-City, Niigata

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