HIKARIORI -Weaving the Lights

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About This Artwork

A piece using coloured lights along the 110m colonnade leading to the Echigo-Tsumari Auditorium. The natural landscape and culture of the region are projected through thread-like streams of light as various colours each representing the seasons of Echigo-Tsumari overlap with the colours of local textiles such as "Tokamachi Yuzen". The programme of light changes monthly as a response to the changing of the seasons.

Viewing hours: from sunset to 21:00


Map of Surrounding This Artwork

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  • year of


  • time

    From sunset to 21:00

  • price

    ETAT Passport or Special ticket

  • area


  • village

    Echigo-Tsumari Auditorium

  • map code


  • period of the artwork

    Full year

  • address or detailed place

    508-2, Ue, Honmachi1, Tokamachi-city

  • other information

    <strong>This artwork is illuminated until 21:00 after sunset.</strong>

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