Melting Wall

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In Ketto community, Akiyama-go, located deep in valley, one can find the remains of a branch school of Nakatsukyo Primary School which was closed down 11 years ago. A pool remains in the corner of the grounds. It is a place where pupils used to swim, play and shout for joy. When looking up at the surface of water from within the water, the reflected light and scenery is seen as flickering. I wanted to reproduce this flickering scenery which many pupils would have seen, by pouring water on the glass. Fortunately, I was able to pump up water from a water source in the mountain's breast by using water pressure created by the difference of altitude. One day, the water for the glass stopped completely. It was because the population increased during the summer vacation and people were consuming large amounts of water. As a result, temporary water shortages occurred in this region. The incident made me feel the link between this artwork and the life of this region.


Jun Honma


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    ETAT Passport or Special ticket

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    From the late April (It will be open after snow season) to the beginning of November

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    Katakuri House(450-1, Ketto Ne, Tsunan-Cho, Nakauonuma-Gun, Niigta)

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