NOHBUTAI Snow-Land Agrarian Culture Center, Matsudai

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Matsudai is located deep in the mountains of Niigata Prefecture. The summers are hot and humid, and during winters the region is covered under a thick layer of snow, often more than 3m deep. The cultural centre is situated between the Shibumi river and the HokuHoku train line, not far from Matsudai station. This area-filled with small rice fields-will gradually be transformed into a park. By lifting the building in the air, the area under the building will be a snow free zone in winter and a dry and shaded plaza during summer. At the same time the centre will be more present and visible, seen from the village that is located at the other side of the railway line. On the rooftop, a ‘rocky’ landscape is formed, as a ‘force-scape’ shaped by the dynamic demands of the leg-shaped bridges. This artificial ‘icy'’ roof landscape will provide an attractive playground and viewing platform to the mountains and the artworks. It might also remind summer visitors of the wintertime, when Matsudai will be hidden under a massive layer of snow.

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The Netherlands

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    10:00-17:00 (Last entry is at 16:30)

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    Adult JPY 600 or Special ticket

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    Full year

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    Matsudai Nobutai, Matsudai 3743-1, Tokamachi-city, Niigata

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