The Shinano River once flowed 25meters above where it presently flows

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The remains of a natural river bank were excavated from a stratum of 15,000 years before present in Nakasato Village in 2000. The position was 30m higher from the present Shinano River. Through this excavation, the fact that the old Shinano River was 25m higher than today, on the terrace middle side, was confirmed. I thought this was a hint for understanding the creation of the land of Echigo-Tsumari. Long-term erosion of the Shinano River made a 30m difference in the land, and various traces remain in the precipice of river terraces. Focusing on the vertical change in the Shinano River, I made the scaffolds 110m wide and 30m high. The intention of this work was to set up a stage from where visitors can directly see the traces of the creation of the Earth. The water level of the old Shinano River was indicated at the top, and the water levels of following years in 500-year spans were indicated as well. After the Triennial, everything was removed. The scaffolds and indications were only the supporting tools for the work but I would be happy if visitors could understand that the river terrace was an inevitable asset of Echigo-Tsumari.


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