Echigo-Tsumari Art Field

Spring exhibition at Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art, KINARE

posted March 30, 2017
Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale has been running since 2000 and the number of artists participated in the festival exceeds 700 with number of artworks still kept and loved close to 200, making the region a unique and attractive field of arts to visit. There existed, however, artworks that were only available to see in the particular year of the festival in summer. We are pleased to trace our fond memories leading up to the 7th festival next year including the popular “mol” returning on Wed 3, Thur 4 and Fri 5 May 2017.


"To the Dead, to the Living" by Yoshio Kitayama (2000)

The artwork was created in the branch school of Nakasato-village Kiyotsukyo Primary School. The school building had been demolished. The installation consisting of objects made of bamboo and paper, small chair with wings, artist's drawings, cut-out and note of newspaper articles featuring death and photos, pictures, messages and greeting of the current students will be reconstructed.
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"TIRAMI SU 3:one way or another" by Maaria Wirkkala (2006)

The artwork once presented in an abandoned house in Kiriyama village of Matsudai area will come back again. Various aminals will march from the corridor of KINARE to Bar Echigo-Shinanogawa.
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"Remains - Matsunoyama Branch School" by Kiyoko Sakata (2006)

The wooden school building which staged the artwork was demolished a few years ago. The artist tried to give "voice" to tools which were used by people and played their roles through installation featuring shadows of old farm tools and text books in the class room.
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"The Dream Blanket Project" by Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan (2006)

An installation storing dreams and hopes of local people. You can listen them talking about their dreams from the piled up futons. The artists were overwhelmed by stories that they heard from local people about snow, farming, everyday life, and their feeling towards sons and grandchildren living far away from them.
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Related event

"The Mol" returns to Mol TV!

Wed 3, Thur 4, and Fri May 2017
Around 16:00-16:30
The Mol will return to his radio studio under the grass in front of the entrance of KINARE.

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Saturday, April 29 2017 -
Sunday, July 2 2017
10:00 - 17:00
※ Closed on Wednesdays except for 3 May 2017


Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art, KINARE
(6 Honcho, Tokamachi-city, Niigata, Japan)


Adult JPY800 / Children age under 15 JPY400
※ Echigo-Tsumari 2017 Spring special ticket holder has an access to the museum once from Sat 29 Apr and Sun 7 May 2017

Photo: Anzaï, Kazue Kawase, H.Kuratani, Osamu Nakamura
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