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Kinema and music in the afternoon in Kamigo

posted July 14, 2017
Live voice and live music. Silent movies will be transformed into something you have never experienced before. This special event welcomes Hiroshi Suzuki, a sophisticated saxophonist playing diverse genru of music, Shunzuke Oguchi, a piano and accordion player producing unique atomosphere for fashion show and collaboration with artists, Takefumi Kobayashi, an extraordinary drummer covering improvisation as well as pop music with flavour of Japan, and Raiko Nakamoto, a contemporary Benshi (kinema interpreter) also performing in theatrical play, soap operas, voice acting and storytelling. Four talented artists bring a silent movie from the 20th century to the present with their discintcive contributions to the performance.
[Participating artists]Raiko Sakamoto (Kinema Benshi), Hiroshi Suzuki (saxophone), Shunsuke Oguchi (piano), Takefumi Kobayashi (percussion instrument) and Jinya Kimura (sousaphone)
『Ketsuen Takadanobaba』
『Ishikawa Goemon no Hoji』
and more must-see silent movies.
The theatrical restaurant at Echigo-Tsumari Kamigo Clove Theatre is open on the event day.
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Participating artists

Hiroshi Suzuki / saxophonist / musical composition

Graduate from Tokyo University of the Arts. Playing wider range of music including classis, pops, jazz, and world-music. Has been worked as a producer for concerts across Japan and contributed to music CD recording. Core member of music bands including Chanchiki Tornade, Tokyo-chutei-iki, and Yoshihide Otomo Big Band. Recent projects and activities include a series of event "Story-telling and music around paintings" with Iwami Art Museum, music for TV soap opera "Amachan", and music composision of "Nandemo Araiguma" for "Okasan to issue" by E-TV. He also joins recording and live performances by Ohasi Trio, Rin go Shiina, Hanaregumi. photo by Kumiko Tajima©Gion's trunk

Shunsuke Oguchi / Piano / musical composition

Encouraged by a music teacher to study music while studying in the UK. After returning to Japan and entering into Tokyo University of the Arts, he started to perform as a member of Chanchiki Tornade. He has contributed to music to theatre play, fashion show, film, painting and TV after graduation. In recent years, he played an accordion for "Amachan" (TV soap opera which music was directed by Yoshihide Otomo) as well as produced music for JUNYA WATANABE COMME des GARÇONS's Paris collections since 2013. He performes as a member of Yoshihide Otomo's Big Band.

Takefumi Kobayashi, Percussion / musical composition

While playing any percussions including drum set for theatre play, live performance and music recording, he also composes and arranges music for silent movies and TV programs. Major projects include "Dai Tensai TV-kun" on NHK and "Patata-pite potsu-pite" on MTV. Music his composed for his own band "Kin-Kon-Kan" was used in the in-flight music on ANA flights as well as used in TV programmes. He performs with sardine head, Torio, also participated in the performance as a member of Amachan Special Big Band at Kohaku Uta Gassen in 2013. Performed in "To-tto TV" on NHK.

Raiko Sakamoto / Ktsuben

His boyhood dream was to become a manga artist like Shigeru Mizuki and spent days and days just drawing ghosts. He fell in love with cinema around the age 13 and set his goal to become Katsuben-shi (story teller). The first appearance on the stage was "Kurama-Tengu" on 1997 follwed by an official debut in December 2000. Since then he has been performing in the historical-theatre play. He has delivered Katsuben performance on approximately 50 silent cinemas inlcuding "Ban-ban-no Chutaro", "Tadaharu Kunisada", "Hototogisu", "Kodakara Sodo" and more. He has remembered about painting in recent months and started to story-telling over his own creations such as animations and drawings.

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Sunday, August 13 2017
13:30 - 15:30


Echigo-Tsumari Kamigo Clove Theatre

(7-3 Miyanohara, Kamigo, Tsunan-town, Niigata)


Adult :JPY2,000(advance purchase JPY1,500)

Children age under 15: JPY800 (advance purchase JPY500)


Those who will be eating at the restaurant at Echgo-Tsumari Kamigo Clove Theatre will receive discount.
"Kinema and music in the afternoon in Kamigo" and restaurant: Adult JPY3000 / Children age between 13 and 15 JPY2200 / Childre age under 12 JPY1200

Photo by Osamu Nakamura
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