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Katakuri House: enjoy 2017 Autumn flavour in Akiyamago

Wild mushroom is one of the distinctive autumn flavour of Akiyamago Indulge yourself in Kinoko-nabe

posted September 13, 2017
Katakuri House is a former primary school in Akiyamago which had been renovated into an accommodation. This plan offers you to enjoy distinctive autumn flavour of Akiyamago as you stay overnight.
Wild mushrooms are distinctive autumn flavour of Akiyamago. Amandare, Kuritake, Shishitake, Mukitake, Hiratake, Bunaharitake, Nameko... Enjoy nabe (pot) filled with these freshly picked mushrooms with Kishihikari that is grown in Ishigaki-da in Ketto village.
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Saturday, October 21 2017 -
Sunday, November 26 2017


Katakuri House
(450-1 Ne Ketto, Tsunan-town, Nakauonumagun, Niigata Prefecture)


Adult JPY11300
Children age under 12 JPY8700
* We are afraid that we don't take booking with children before school age.

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