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Autumn harvest festival at Ubusuna House: picnic in the terraced rice field and mochi-tsuki

posted August 29, 2017
Where delicious rice we eat at Ubusuna House grows? Let's explore terraced rice field deep in the unexplored mountain, walk to the observation deck and have a picnic enjoying onigiri (rice ball) made of freshly harvested rice this autumn. Join us "mochi-tsuki" (pounding mochi rice) at Ubusuna House and treat yourself with delicious dishes prepared by local women from the village.
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Ubusuna House
(3110 Higashishimogumi, Tokamachi-city, Niigata)




Free shuttle service between Gejo station and Ubusuna House is available through booking.
※ We will take you to the terraced rice field by car.
Note: This event includes half-an-hour walking to the observation deck. Please come with appropriate pair of shose for walking. Visiting terraced rice field will be cancelled depending on the weather.

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