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China House Project: Autumn

posted September 9, 2017
Chine House Project presents artworks featuring the record of artist's family's stay in Murono as well as portlaites drawn at workshop in summer 2017.
Participating artists: Eico,Wang Mao (王茂), Li Shuo (李烁) and Jiang Yue (蒋悦).
Curated by HUB ART PRODUCTION 瀚和文化

About artworks

"Fuku-chan in Murono" by Eico

"Time (Koinji)" by Wang Mao (王茂)

Collect 266 mirrors and write down one letter from the Heart Sutra on each of the mirror which will be installed on the terrace. Each mirror reflect something onto the wall as the sun moves but you can't see letters written on the mirros and you can't understand the meaning of them at all. You may feel you are cut off but this would be the way to recognise the world in this contemporary era.

"Digestion" by Li Shuo (李烁)

The artwork, "Digestion" was created through antidromic thinking as observing the production process of wooden engravings. Using the surface of a globe as printing plate, it invites anyone to be an artist and feature historical events as well as biological specimens. The synergy that would emerge between the response of the equipment and audience, the artwork form, blur, shatter and digest collective memories through fragmentation and reconstruction of the surface of the globe.
劉芊岑 (Liu Qianceng), full-time mother, specialist of life on the street, self-educated cook, travel expert and amateur photographer featuring children
Wang Mao (王茂)
Painter, theatre designer, writer. Born in 1980 in Sichuan Province. Graduated from Stage Design of Theatre Central Academy of Drama. Lecturer at Stage Design and Lighting Department at Beijing Contemporary Music Academy. He has presented his artworks at solo exhibitions within China and abroad and his artworks are collected by many galleries and collectors around the globe.
Major theatre design:《爱情偶遇游戏》
TV soap opera《家有儿女》
Historical play《魅力》
Film《PK.COM.CN》and more.
Li Shuo (李烁)
Born in 1988 in Guangdong Province. Graduated from Print Department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts. Currently based in Beijing.
Major exhibitions:
・2015 The 2nd CAFM Future Exhibition: “创客创客”
・2013 Graduation exhibition at China Central Academy of Fine Arts
・2013 元典美術館・作品「再见,美院」
Jiang Yue (蒋悦)
Born in 1954. National first-class painter of China. He held vice-director position at Guangdong Museum, Guangzhou before his retirement three years ago. His nickname is "potato" and he gave his wife a nickname called "sweet potato". They have visited Murono village in summer 2017.
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Saturday, October 28 2017
10:00 - 16:00
Sunday, October 29 2017
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Friday, November 3 2017
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Saturday, November 4 2017
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Sunday, November 5 2017
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Saturday, November 11 2017
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Sunday, November 12 2017
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(576 Murono, Tokamachi-city, Niigata)


Admission to NUNAGAWA Campus (JPY500)

※ Echigo-Tsumari 2017 Autumn special ticket holder has an access to the CAMPUS once from Sat 28 October to Sun 12 November 2017

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