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Ondekoza live performance in collaboration with Kiyotsukyo Tarubayashi Hozonkai

posted August 29, 2017
Ondekoza will bring their dynamic performance to celebrate the special exhibition featuring Yukihisa Isobe who has been building a deep relationship in addition to the collaborative performance with Kiyotsukyo Tarubayashi Hozonkai.
Performance by Ondekoza / Kiyotsukyo Tarubayashi Hozonkai

The former Taiko performance group, Kodo was established in Sado in 1969. They made spectacular debut by performing 3 jaku 8 sun taiko drum after running the whole distance of Boston marathon in 1975. They have continued to perform at Carnegie Hall followed by "running around the US (14,910km) and "running across China continent (12,500km) as well as touring performance in Europe to pursue their belief, "running and music is one thing". They explore the potential of expression beyond wadaiko and run a project to connect children around the world through music.
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Sunday, October 29 2017
Door opens at 14:00, Performance starts at 14:30


Kiyotsu Warehouse Museum
(1528-2 Kakuma, Tokamachi-city, Niigata)


Adult JPY1500 (JPY1000 advance purchase)

Children age under 15 JPY800 (JPY500 advance purchase)

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