Echigo-Tsumari Art Field

E070: Fil de Cocon

posted May 14, 2018
Spirit-like creatures start to float as the burning summer sun sets and the night falls. They glide by on the ears of rice plants, sliding through the air right in front of the eyes of the audience. Unique circus performers including the world's best ropewalker and a horse actor/acrobat present a fantastic performance to "joruri" music amidst the primal landscapes of the region.
[Artistic director]Michio Tanaka
[Direction・Performance]Bernard Quental (actor, acrobat)
[Doll]Kanroku + Mokugusha
[Doll making & hair make-up]Hirofumi Kera (SHISEIDO top hair & make-up artist)
[Performers]Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga (ropewalking), Rina Okabe (unicycle dance), Mafu (Large-flag performance)
[Music]Issei Abe (Japanese transverse bamboo flute), Falcon (guitar), Yosuke Watanabe (drum, percussion)
[Technical director]Jan Naets
[Assistant director・Translator]Kou Suzuki
[Stage director]Masaya Natsume
[Assistant stage director]Mao Sakai
[Sound]Takahiro Yamamoto
[Costume]Kaori Tamura
[Planning / production]Setouchi Circus Factory
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Monday, August 13 2018
Tuesday, August 14 2018
18:30- (Doors open at 18:00)


Piloti at Matsudai Nohbutai (3743-1 Matsudai, Tokamachi-city, Niigata)


All prices include taxes

Adult JPY2000 / Advance purchase JPY1500 /
ETAT2018 passport holder JPY1800 / Students (elementary, junior high, senior high schools) JPY800


Ticket sales start June 5th (Tues) from 10:00

Photo: Émilie Pécunia
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