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Matsudai Nohbutai: Matsudai Tanada Bank Okome Expo

posted August 26, 2019
The exhibition intends to gain insights into what is unique about firming in heavy snow country in montainous region through interviews with seven villages that Matsudai Tanada Bank engages with. Visitors will be invited to join tasting of freshly harvested rice for the season. Book your table with Echigo-Matsudai Satoyama Shokudo, too.

"d7 Matsudai Tanada Bank Museum" Open

"d 45 museum" located at Hikarie is the first design museum fo produce highlighting distinctive produces from 47 prefectures across Japan on 47 displays. Curated by D&DEPARTMENT, a musem called "d7 Matsudai Tanada Bank Museum" featuring seven villages in Echigo-Tsumari presented in seven display tables will open for limited duration.
"All about rice growing in terraced rice field" exhibition will introduce seven villages participating in Matsudai Tanada Bank.

Newly havested rice will be available for purchase while there will be some events to participate on site.

Freshly harvested rice from seven villages will be polished and available for purchase for the amount you need. Other products related to rice will also be available.
You can join Matsudai Tanada Bank in Tokyo - and get membership benefits.
If you register with Matdusai Tanada Bank durign the exhibition duration, you will get members only benefits.
Click≫here to register with Matsudai Tanada Bank.


"All about rice growing in terraced rice field" exhibition

Venue: Matsudai Nohbutai / d7 Matsudai Tanada Bank Museum
"Tanada connects nature and our life"
In 2012, we launced "d47 museum" on the 8th floor of Shibuya HIKARIE which aims to give an overview of unique character of each of the 47 prefectures across Japan through exhibitions responding to one theme at one time such as "travel", "craftmanship", and "mending and caring".
This exhibition titled "d7 Matsudai Tanada Bank Museum" will feature seven vilages involved with the Matsudai Tanada Bank project on seven displays.
Kiwadahara, Shimizu, Takisawa, Toge, Naradate, Matsudai and Murono are the seven villages which have been engaged with the Matsudai Tanada Bank project since its begining and suporting its activities by providing expert and experienced advice.
As we tried to find out more about distinctive uniquness of each of the seven villages, we were impressed by people who are actually living there and cultivating their own culture through producing rice in terraced rice field. That is how we have come to conduct in-depth interviews and exhibitions of "all about rice growing in terraced rice field".
Making rice on terraced rice field not only contributes to the landscape but also make connection to surroundings such as mountains and rivers which eventually support the eco-system of diverse living creatures in nature. Tanada (terraced rice field) is an essential element of the the eco-system in Echigo-Tsumari, including life of people living in this place.
We hope that the exhibition will be able to share how terrace rice field contributes to the co-existence of human and nature and wisdoms of life in Echigo-Tsumari that are born from appreciating seasonal changes.
Yuki Soma, curator of the d7 Matsudai Tanada Bank Museum curator (D&DEPARTMENT)

Pop-up event
Matsudai Tanada Bank Harvest Festival:
Okome marche, talk and friends

Pop-up event where you can taste and purchase rice harvested from the terraced rice field of Matsudai Tanda Bank.
Rice harvested from the fields of Matsudai Tanada Bank is on sale. Tasting rice and othe events and talk will be organised. There will be staff members whom you could enquire about Matsudai Tanada Bank.
Date Sat 16, Sun 17 November 2019
Venue 8/ COURT Shibuya Hilarie

Special autumn dinner by Fumio Yonezawa

Photo by Ayumi Yanagi
Fumio Yonezawa has been hosting special dinner in Echig-Tsumari since 2015. He supervised "TSUMARI KITCHEN", a special restaurant opend only for the official tour participants during ETAT2018. He has been involved with the operation of Echigo-Matsudai Satoyama Shokudo at Nobutai this year.
The venue for the special dinner is Echigo-Matsudai Satoyama Shokudo for the first time.
In the hope that local people would also join and enjoy, he has chosen local produce which are used at Echigo-Matsudai Satoyama Shokudo everyday for a menu that reflects contemporary trend in culinary industry.
It begins with a glass of welcome drink followed by amuse, a couple of dishes using local produces, main dish and dessert.
Enjoy beverages selected by sommelier from "The Burn" in Aoyama, Tokyo where Yonezawa works as a grand chef.
Date: Saturday 26 October 2019
Time: 19:00-20:30(Door opens from 18:30)
Price: JPY7,500 (including tax) p.p Drink pairing JPY2,500 (including tax)
   Price include admission to "Okome Expo" exhibition
Seat: 40
Venue: Echigo-Matsudai Satoyama Shokudo
Parking is available on site.
Inquiry: Echigo-Matsudai Satoyama Shokudo 025-594-7181
     Click ≫here for booking online.


Fumio Yonezawa

Born in 1980 in Tokyo. After working in a several restaurants in Tokyo, Yonezawa moved to New York alone and was appointed as the first Japanese sous-chef at Michelin-stared restaurant, Jean-Georges in New York. Worked as a grand chef in many restaurants after returning to Japan and became a chef de cuisine at Jean-Georges Tokyo in 2014. Took up a grand chef position at The BURN in Aoyama, Tokyo from September 2018.

Fringe event of the exhibition "Friends" of rice at Echigo-Matsudai Satoyama Shokudo

Fring event: "Friends" of rice JPY800
Enjoy a full bowl of rice served in the traditional racker bowl treasured in the village.
Weekdays only: Rice, Soup, Five different things that go well with rice. Eat as much as you like.
Examples)Fuki-miso, Nasumisho, Kyarabuki, Cucumber relish, Pickled vegetables, Miso and more)
※ Something goes with rice will be served during buffee on Sat, Sun and Mon

Joyama Program

Joyama Club
Dates: Saturday 9 November 2019
   Click ≫here for details and booking.
Cover photo by Noriko Yoneyama
Photo of Satoyama Buffet by Ayumi Yanagi
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