Echigo-Tsumari Art Field

Snowy Wonderland 2020  

posted November 26, 2019
Snowy Wonderland welcomes you with playful artworks created by artists who faced the difficult conditions of snow country.
See, play, feel and taste "SNOWART" at KINARE in January and Nohbutai from February.
Participating artists: Michiyoshi Isozaki, Yoshiaki Kaihatsu, Junichi Kurakake, Jin Hasegawa, Takafumi Fukasawa, Michio Horikawa, Snow Art Niigata Unit, YORIKO ReBuilding Center Japan
Supported by Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activity

Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art, KINARE

"Kotatsu Car Circuit by Takafumi Fukasawa

A mobile kotatsu with bicycle under the cover. You will likely to warm up without depending on electricity.

"Wall of exam" by Yoshiaki Kaihatsu

The ordinary tansu (wardrobe) with climbing holds stands in front of you. ※ You can try bouldering.

"Echigo-Tsumari Collaboration Sweet Stall 2020 Winter" by YORIKO

The artist will run workshop to make Chinkoro, lucky-charm sweet of Tokakmachi for new year or icing cookies for Valentine's day.


※ Please note that the programs will be cancelled due to bad weather.

"SNOWFIELD TABLE" by ReBuilding Center Japan

A table that is rather tall but adjust itself to be perfect hights as snow piles up.
※ Will become available from mid Feburary.

"Omochi Bar" Sat, Sun and National Holidays only

Check out a special Bar at SNOWFIELD TABLE where you can enjoy char-grilled mochi and cup of coffee.
※ Free cup of tea will be provided.

"Yuki-ita" (snowboard) by Junichi Kurakake

Yuki-ita is hand-made wooden board to enjoy sliding on snowly sloop. A special board with curving will be on display.

At Matsudai Nohbutai

"Walk on Snow with Giant Makio" Michiyoshi Isozaki

The 8m-tall giant Makio will walk on snow.
※ He will appear at the community square during Tokamachi-Snow Festival (Tokamachi Highschool) on Fri 14, Sat 15 and Sun 16 February 2020.
Time: 18:00 - 21:00 (Fri 14) / 9:00-21:00 (Sat 15) / 9:00-15:00 (Sun 16)

"Cast-off Skin of Snowman". by Jin Haseagawa

Discover wonder of snow which falls, piles up and dissapares every year through the cast-off skin of snowman.

"The 9th snow sleigh festival" by Michio Horikawa

Inspired by the old traditions where people cut trees in winter and carry them on sleigh - enjoy hoping onto the snow sleigh.
※ The local volunteer group, Kakashitai, will join on Sat 29 Feb and Sun 1 Mar 2020.

"Snow Art Niigata Snow Unit Square" by Snow Art・Niigata Snow Unit

Artists living in snow country will artworks highlighting features of snow and engaging audience.

Satoyama Snow Activity by Matsudai Karachi-tai/h3>
Local people will share tips of playing in snow - including sleigh made of plastick bag.


YORIKO「越後妻有コラボ甘味屋台 2020冬 冬のチンコロづくり」

定員:40名 要予約 ※予約に空きがある場合は当日も参加可




地元おすすめの焼きもち 350円
雪国緑茶350円 など

磯崎道佳 お手紙付きパラシュートまき

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Saturday, January 18 2020 -
Sunday, March 22 2020
10:00 - 17:00
●At Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art, KINARE
10:00 - 17:00 (last entry by 16:300 From Sat 18 Jan - Sun 22 Mar 2020, closed on Wednesdays
●At Matsudai Nohbutai
10:00-16:00 on Sat 15, Sun 16, Sat 22, Sun 23, Mon 24, Sat 29 Feb, Sun 1 Mar 2020


Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art, KINARE

6 Honcho, Tokamachi-city, Niigata, Japan

Matsudai Nohbutai

3743-1, Matsudai, Tokamachi-city, Niigata, Japan


●Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art, KINARE

Adult JPY800, Child age between 7 and 15 JPY400
※ Including admission to the permanent collections

●Matsudai Nohbutai

Adult JPY500 Child age between 7 and 15 JPY300

★ Please present the ticket to receive JPY100 discount from Adult full price admission to the other venue.

★ Echigo-Tsumari Winter 2020 special tickets (with / without admissions to Snow Fireworks) holder has access to both venues.

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