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Hojo Book Club Discussion Vol. 8

posted May 31, 2019
General Director Fram Kitagawa will be leading a book club discussion group to explore the "century-long" development concept behind this current exhibition.
This very concept was an inspiration and starting point behind the 2018 "Hojoki Shiki" Exhibition which was launched this summer.
The discussion will bring us beyond a place of "knowing" what we know through observation and memory by transcending region, era, and genres. How was the world before, and how humanity pioneer past movements - the world in which we live and how we view our world can be changed in just one short moment? How far can we deepen our observations and how much can we change them?
Through this concept connecting all aspects of the discussion, the purpose of this meeting is to challenge our perceptions and sharpen our basic understanding and through our Echigo-Tsumari Hojo Village, we hope to bring to life new encounters and exchanges
The report of the past discussion can be found from the following links: (in Japanese)

Event details

◯Date & Time……From 18:00 on Saturday 13 July 2019 (Door opens 15 miutes before)
◯Book in discussion……Haiko Sensei written by Rintaro Hamaguchi (Kodansha Bunko)
※ Please read through the book and come to the discussion.
〇Venue……Bar Echigo-Shinanogawa
◯Price: JPY500 (Including one drink)
※ Please pay at the door.
◯How to book: Please send your name, contact details by email with message title "Hojo Book Club 13 July"
to the following address:
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Event Information


Saturday, July 13 2019
18:00 - 20:00
There may be changes to the ending time.


Bar Echigo-Shinanogawa
c/o KINARE, 6 Honcho, Tokamachi-city, Niigata


Fee: 500 yen (includes 1 drink)

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