Matsudai Tanada Bank rice planting 2017

TSUMARI DIARYPosted : May 29, 2017

Rice planting for owners of Matsudai Tanada Bank was held on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 May 2017. We had over 350 participants including owners, local experts and staff members of NPO as well as groups from companies and universities. We were surprised by increasing number of participants while at the same time felt very grateful for their support.

As the first attempt, we had grown young rice plant in the pool prior to planting in the field. It was slightly more difficult to handle longer young rice plants, we managed to complete planting as planned thanks to great advice by local experts as well as engagement by participants.

Participants were in two groups in Murono and Hoshitoge. People who came to Murono were split into four smaller groups and enjoyed rice planting under the guidance of local experts regardless of experienced or first-time participants. Some were stuck in the rice field and the others were covered with mud. They were impressed by how skilled locals were, too. I was also happy to see participants were making friends each other through rice planting. Artists also gave us an unexpected surprise by their dance performance while we were planting rice.

Some joined "observation of creatures" workshop and both grown-ups and children enjoyed discovering and catching living creatures in the filed such as frogs, mizu-kamakiri and kuro-sanshouo.

A team from Nihon University College of Art took charge of the rice field in Hoshitoge. They tried "Tawaku-Korogashi" method to leave trace on the field prior to rice planting. The first year students struggled with their first-time experience but did their best under the guidance of the local experts.

We launched the reception in the evening of 20 May 2017 at NUNAGAWA Campus by mochitsuki followed by kanpai. People who hadn't met for long time, those who met for the first time and became friends through rice planting all enjoyed delicious meals using local and seasonal ingredients.

Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Shokudo, Bar Echigo-Shinanogawa, Sansho House and Katakuri House brought their signature dishes and local women prepared sansai (mountain vegetables) tempura. We also enjoyed taiko performance by young generations of Murono as well as dance collaboration between artists and local ladies.

You can join Matsudai Tanada Bank throughout the year via official wesbite, post or over the counter at ETAT facilities.

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The next activity for Matsudai Tanda Bank is mowing the grasses on Saturday 22 July 2017. We will send an invitation and details about a month before the event. We look forward to seeing you then.

Yuta Matsuyama

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Staff member of the Echigo-Tsumari Art Field.

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