Report on Matsudai Tanada Bank 2017: Mowing on 22 July 2017

TSUMARI DIARYPosted : August 18, 2017

We were pleased to have as much as 80 participants in the mowing this year including Matsudai Tanada Bank owners, companies and general public. We had struggle attracting enough participants just until a few years ago and we are very grateful for those who helped us.

The mowing was done on two different sites. Let's start with the one for Matsudai Tanada Bank owners. When we met at NUNAGAWA Campus in the morning we splitted the group into two, one for "picking up grasses" and the other for "mowing". We then moved to the rice field. Upon arrival to the rice field we streached ourselves, learnt about tips for working in the field and met the local experts before starting "mowing".

Two groups started "picking up grasses" and "mowing" at once. Let's see if everyone could handle it well.

The other venue was occupied with groups participated from the same company. The rice plant grew tall, there were not much mowing to be done and even the local expert complimented "how well the rice field had been managed this year".

Let us revisit the difference between "picking up grasses" and "mowing". Picking up grasses is literally to hand pick root of the grasses grown in the rice field whereas mowing is to mow grasses grown around the rice field. Different kinds of grasses need different approach to pick or mow and rice plant looks indeed like milletbarnyard grass. So how to distinguish them? Look for "leaves" which make it rice plant.

After working on the rice field for two hours, the picking up and mowing grasses were completed and participants all enjoyed BBQ and other entertainment.

The next activity of the Matsudai Tanda Bank is harvesting on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September 2017.

Join Matsudai Tanda Bank and help us harvest rice this autumn.
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So Takenaka, Matsudai Tanda Bank

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