Matsudai Tanada Bank autumn harvest 2017

Posted : October 12, 2017

We held harvest for Matudai Tanda Bank members on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September 2017 - to conclude this year's rice production. Over 300 people in total in two days including owners, corporate owners, students, local experts and supporters joined in the harvest under the great weather.

We were divided into smaller teams at each rice field and worked together. The rice hand-planted one by one in spring was harvested by hand and dried as "hasegake". Although it took a lot more effort to do by hand without relying on machines, participants said "it made us realise how precious rice was if we used our own hands". Those who joined the harvest for the first time told us "it was not easy but I very much enjoyed the experience" - which made us (staff members) very feel rewarded.

It is moving to see both locals and people from outside the region came to this place and worked together on harvesting. These events under Matsudai Tanada Bank scheme has brought diverse range of people to appreciate its agenda of helping unattended rice fields continue to produce rice.

We are now getting ready for the rice to get delivered to the owners and those who wish to try. Thank you very much for those participated in the harvest this year!

Matsudai Tanada Bank
FC Echigo-Tsumari, Eriko Arai

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Staff member of the Echigo-Tsumari Art Field.

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Matsudai Tanada Bank

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Matsudai Tanada Bank: Join the harvest!
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