Report on Hojo Book Club Discussion

TSUMARI DIARYPosted : August 22, 2018

Hojo Book Club Discussion Activity Report
First meeting August 11th 2018 (Sat)
Location: Tokamachi Community Centre "Bunjiro"
Book in discussion: 方丈記私記 ("Hojoki Shiki") 堀田善衛著(ちくま文庫)
Participants: 8 people

A memorable first "Hojo Book Club Discussion" meeting.
Over half of the participants informed us that this was their first ever book club meeting. It was not a gathering of general book lovers, but rather a gathering with the purpose of "strengthening our ability to think about our city through the eyes of books". It was a discussion of trial and error.

To kick off the meeting, Mr. Fram Kitagawa discussed the general book reviews and leading into this, the base of this entire event, Mr. Kitagawa discussed his own thoughts and experiences on the reading material. A discussion about the genealogy and history of culture in Kumamoto Prefecture, another base for this discussion; Tokamachi city's past and present, its current situation. Each of the participants, after a brief introduction, shared their own thoughts on the book as well as excerpts and happenings they had found interesting and memorable.
Some of the participants were already familiar with the author Yoshie Hotta through some of his other works.
The more seasoned participants who had attended other book clubs before shared their thoughts on how best to move along in a fruitful discussion, to which they said: "it's best to do as you like". This gave everyone the encouragement to share and chat more freely.

Reported by Yoshie Miwa

【Information regarding the next book club meeting】
Date: September 16th 2018
Book in discussion: 集落への旅 原広司著(岩波新書)

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