Explore Akiyamago

Stay overnight
Echigo-Yuzawa station/
Echigo-Yuzawa station
Car + trekking

Explore Akiyamago, a hidden gem in the deep mountains in the Echigo-Tsumari.


One of the abandoned house projects of ETAT by KEEN, an outdoor shoes brand who has long been engaging with Echigo-Tsumari.
※Opening dates are limited throughout the year.

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Mitama Fudoson

A shrine with a spirit who will cure problems with eyes. Two statues at the entrance gate have tissues all over thrown by those who making wish for good health.


A unique terraced rice field with stone walls in Ketto village. Made by people to prevent food crisis in Meiji era.

Melting Wall

An artwork stood in the school yard of Katakuri House. Open to the public after snow melt in spring to autumn.

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Katakuri House

An old wooden school has turned into an accommodation. There are toys and sports equipment in the former gymnasium space for guests to play. Serves delicious meals using local ingredients.

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Try 2.5 hour trekking from Katakuri House to Mikura village on the other side of the river on the 2nd day. Put on your pair of trekking shoes and take a water bottle with you.
Dowlndoad Trekking map (PDF) from Tsunan Town Tourist Association website.


A wooden suspension bridge leading to Mikura village. Try walking, it is quite wobbly!

Mikura village

A very small village consists of only four households. Enjoy a landscape embraced in the nature. After walking back to Katakuri House, head to Tsunan town for lunch and onsen.

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This Course Program

ー Day 1 ー
12:00 Rent a car at Echigo-Yuzawa station
90 min
13:30 Check out artworkDEAI
15 min
14:00 Visit a local shrineMitama Fudoson
15 min
15:00 Check out distinctive landscapeIshigakida
5 min
16:10 Check out artworkMelting Wall
16:30 Check-in at Katakuri House and dinnerKatakuri House
ー Day 2 ー
9:00 Start trekking
15 min
9:15 Walk on a wooden suspension bridgeMikurabashi
60 min
10:30 Walk around a small villageMikura village
50 min
11:30 Back to Katakuri House.
Lunch and onsen at Tsunan town
90 min
14:30 Arrive at Echigo-Yuzasa station

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