Nunagawa Campus

Nunagawa Elementary School closed in March 2014 has relaunched as an open school for anyone as a platform providiing opportunities to learn wisdom for living through discovering confidence and strength of their own. Artworks by participating artists of Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale are presented inside and outside of school building. School canteen serves meals with local delicacies is also available.

Educational principle
Learning through "sub" subjects

Gain experience in workshop under the guidance of each tutor.

Art festival:Fram Kitagawa
Art:Junichi Kurakake
Home-making:Yamanoie・Yu Arai
Gymnasium:Jun Sakaguchi
Dance:Chie Ito
Open campus:Sunday 26 July to Sunday 13 September 2015

-Expand the capacity to look after terraced rice field through exchange between city and region- Matsudai Tanada Bank

Encourage participants to help maintain terraced rice field and contribute to expand the areas to look after by Matsudai Tanada Bank scheme. (A scheme to become owner of terraced rice field. Owners receive koshihikari rice grown in the Tanada Bank owned terraced rice field in exchange for participation in planting and harvesting rice)

-Saving terraced rice field by Nadeshiko Legends-

A project to seek solution for challenges of depopulation and ageing that the region face. Thgough inviting female football players in cities to move and live in the region, they wil help grow rice at terraced rice field while continuing to play football. Members of FC ECHIGO-TSUMARI also provide opportunities for exchange with local people through football games and sports.

-An open school for everyone with different background, age and genru-

Nuunagawa Campus is a platform to continue existing projects including Echigo-Tsumari Forest School, an intiative to connect with those who suffered from Great Eastern Earthquake in Tohoku area and Matsudai Tanada Bank, a project to help maintain terraced rice field in the region. Students of Matsunoyama branch school of Toakmachi High School as well as students from Hong Kong also participate in rice production and other workshops at Nunagawa campus and discover their own strengths.

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entrance fee

Adult 500 JPY, Junior high school or less 250 JPY

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