House of Light

When the sliding roof is opened,the changing light and colors of the sky can be seen through the rectangular opening. Including the bath incorporating optical fiber,the house has many devises making use of light. The work is also popular as an accommodation facility.

The Light Program

Indirect illumination designed by Turrell creates a calm environment. The 12.5-mat Japanese-style room, "Outside In", has a movable roof. When the roof is opened, the sky appears. The program for changing the lighting is furnished to emphasize the change of the sky at sunset and dawn.The bathroom, "Light Bath", is furnished with fiber-optic lighting. The light on the surface of the water flickers and things in the water emit light, which evoke fantastic feelings.

Map of the Surrounding Area

You can see detail nearby the facility by zoom this map.







2891 Ueno-Ko, Tokamachi, Niigata

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