Australia House

Australia has been part of the ETAT since 2000 and building and deepening the relationship with the region over years. As a symbol of long-term relationship an over 100-year-old minka house in the Urada village was transformed into Australia House for continuing exchange between two countries. When the original Australia House was demolished by the earthquake in March 2011, we ran an international architectural competition with Mr Tadao Ando as a head jury and invited proposals to build "reasonable, small and robust" architecture. The proposition by the Sydney-based architect, Andrew Burns Architect was selected amongst 154 entries and the current Australia House was built in time for the ETAT2012. Its distinctive structure in triangular shape and materials for wall which resonate with surrounding nature won the Jørn Utzon award in 2013. Furthermore, we prepared cosmetics of "Aēsop" as an amenity. It has been loved from all over the world as an organic cosmetics brand from Australia. Please use it.

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  • Price per night: Usage of the facility JPY12000 + Adult JPY3000, Children JPY1500, Children before school age JPY1000
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