Shedding House

The artwork revealing unfamiliar aspect of the house through carving floor, ceiling, beams and columns. The space which took over two years and 3000 people's effort to complete embrace visitors. Local people help operate the artwork as accommodation and the above floor keeps what was belong to the original owner of the house. It is equipped with bath, toilet and kitchen with two rooms on the ground floor and one room on the floor above - which could accommodate as many as ten people. You can cook yourself or order catering. A perfect setting for group stay or sharing with family or friends.

Terraced rice field of Hoshitoge village

Hoshitoge village where Shedding House is located is famous for terrace rice field (staircase-like rice field on the slope of mountains) and receive visitors and photographers throughout the year. Heavy snow fall in winter, temperature difference between day and evening and snow-melt water from mountain all contribute to delicious rice grown in the village - which are all produced without machines.

Relationship between the artist and the village

Junichi Kurakake and volunteers of Nihon University College of Art Sculpture course made the Shedding House and the Croquette House in Hoshitoge village in 2006 and 2009 respectively. As they build and deepen ties with community, they have been participating in local festivals and events. They have been engaging with maintenance of terraced rice field in the village since 2013.

Map of the Surrounding Area

You can see detail nearby the facility by zoom this map.



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+81(0)25-761-7767 (Echigo-Tsumari Art Field Information Centre)


776 Toge, Tokamachi, Niigata

entrance fee

Admission: Adult JPY500, Children age under 15 JPY250

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