Kiyotsu Warehouse Museum won the AACA award

NEWSPosted : December 13, 2015

Kiyotsu Wasehouse Museum designed by an architect Sotaro Yamamoto has been given the 25th AACA (Japan Association of Artists Craftsman & Architects) award. The award is to praise influential space and environment created through means of architecture, art and craft.

Kiyotsu Wasehouse Museum is a renovation of old Kiyotsukyo Elementary School in Nakasato area of Echigo-Tsumari region. The Museum was launched coinciding with Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2015 in summer 2015 as a new artspace with a gallery and warehouse for exhiting and storing large-scale artworks. The opening exhibition, "four artists: materials and hands" presented artworks by Noriyuki Haraguchi, Toshikatsu Endo, Noe Aoki and Shigeo Toya. The museum plans to run one or two exhibitions every year.

Click ≫here for the details of the AACA award (in Japanese).

Photo above by Sotaro Yamamoto
Photo below by Gentaro Ishizuka