Stay in artwork. Booking is open at Dream House, Shedding House and more!

NEWSPosted : July 18, 2017

When you are visiting Echigo-Tsumari this summer book your stay with artwork or renovated closed school to gain unique experience to your journey.

▼Booking is open:

《Stay in art》
Dream House
Stay in the artwork by the internationally acclaimed artist, Marina Abramovic. The artist created the artwork for people leading busy contemporary life to "reflect upon oneself and dream while sleeping". Enjoy the unique experience at Dream House.

"Dream House" by Marina Abramovic / photo by ANZAI

Shedding House
The entire farm house itself welcomes guests as a piece of artwork. Junichi Kurakake and his team from Nihon University College of Arts curved every surface for the 150-year-old minka house from floor to wall to pillows to beams and transformed the house into a new space. Guest can occupy the entire house which suited for family and group of friends to enjoy and share unique experience.

"Shedding House" by Junichi Kurakake + Nihon University College of Art Sculpture Course
photo by Kazue Kawase

Australia House
※Booking is open between Sat 5 to Sun 20 Aug 2017
Designed by Andrew Burns, an Australia architect and built in 2012. Stay in a space where artists have also occupied under artist-in-residence programme. Guest will receive amenity by Aésop (limited numbers).

"Australia House" by Andrew Burns Architect
photo by Osamu Nakamura

Ubusuna House
※Booking is open until Tue 31 Oct 2017.
Thatched roof minka house has been renovated into a restaurant and gallery space. Enjoy omotenashi and delicious meals prepared by local women.

photo by Ayumi Yanagi

《Stay in primary school》
Sansho House
※ Booking is open till Thur 31 Aug 2017
A wooden building of the former primary school located on top of the hill in a village has been renovated into an accommodation. Guests share a room with other guests and enjoy meals prepared by local women. Those staying will be able to see the new artwork “Lost Winter” by Leandro Erlich for Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2018.

photo by H.Noguchi

Katakuri House
The former primary school building in Akiyamago has been turned into an accommodation with onsen. Young staff members who were attracted to the abandoned nature and rich history of the region will welcom guests with local delicacies.

photo by H.Noguchi