Try recipe kit developed in collaboration between Oisix and Katakuri House

NEWSPosted : August 25, 2017

Katakuri House is proudly announce its contribution to the development of new "Kit Oisix" produced by Oisix.daichi Inc.

The new recipe developed this time is "pasta dishcloth gourd and crispy pork in hot and spicy source" which use dishcloth gourd, one of the most used local ingredients of Echigo-Tsumari.

The kit will be available for purchase from Thursday 24 August 2017 for one week.
Click ≫here to visit Oisix.daichi Inc website for the details of the product.

About Katakuri House
Katakuri House is a renovation of a local primary school which was open in 1884 and closed in 1992. Young staff members who have been attracted to the profound history and rich nature of the region have been welcoming visitors with distinctive menu using unique and local ingredients.
Click ≫here to visit Katakuro House's official website.

Photo by H.Noguchi

One of the menu of Katakuri House

About Oisix.daichi Inc.
Kohey Takashima, representative Director and CEO of Oisix.daichi Inc. has been an official supporter of ETAT. The copmany has been providing information on organic vegetables and products with least food additives under the agenda of "offaring safe ingredients for children" on their official website, Oisix( June 2000. Moreover, they have launched a new product called Kit Oisix, since July 2013, catering for busy working women making it possible for them to cook decent meal consisting of main and side dish using more than five different kinds of vegetables in 20 minutes. Seizo Tashima designed water "CUBE WATER Kirishima" has been available on line from Janurary 2017.