Event report: talk series at Hikarie featuring Daisuke Tsuda and Fram Kitagawa

2018 TRIENNALEEVENT REPORTPosted : December 2, 2017

The 8th series of talk at Hikarie welcomed jounalist, media activist, and one of the official supporters of ETAT, Daisuke Tsuda.

After Fram Kitagawa gave a presentation of ETAT2018 next summer, Tsuda began by introducing himself - impressive fieds he encompasses with his activities including from conventional media such as TV, newspaper, radio and magazine to alternative and contemporary media such as web, SNS and paid-on-line magazines.

He then presented about his engagement with Tohoku after 311. Since he visited Tohoku within less than one month from 311, he has been visiting the region regulary as he believed that reporting and communicating the fixed point observation on how the disaster-affected region slowly but steadily recovers to wider audience would contribute to the restoration of the region. Ranging from events to promotional activities which responded to the needs of local people that Tsuda constructed have arisen people's sympathy with his engagement.

He moved onto his appointment as Artistic Director of Aichi Triennale 2019 this year. He has launched overarching theme for the triennale as "Taming Y/Our Passion". Here he said he holds an expectation in art to find a clue to solve various issues and conflicts rather than interpreting the world from perspective of confrontations. This is the concept which was also presented by Hiroki Azuma as he positioned "tourists" who wouldn't belong to anywhere in particular would be the radical existance who could possibly change the world. These concepts suggest significance of having perspective in between something - such as in between the region and city. Tsuda also talked about site-specificity, the emergences of art and expression other than contemporary art, art experience making the best use of media and digital technologies and neworking with other art festivals. We can look forward to how he will bring us "Aichi Triennale 2019 brings something that the Tokyo Olympic 2020 can't realise".

Kitagawa who was asked to give some advice as experienced art director said "it is important you grasp the overall picture and respond when a problem occurs. You have to be careful as you seem to be provocative from time to time." Tsuda declaired that he would be on-the-job training with Kitagawa during ETAT2018 to learn more which was well received by the audience.