Event report: talk series at Hikarie featuring Rina Tanaka, Mifuyu Ando, and Kana Bogaki

2018 TRIENNALEEVENT REPORTPosted : December 6, 2017

On 22 November 2017, the series of talk event at Hikarie welcomed Mifuyu Ando (freelancer and writer), Rina Tanaka (fashion model) and Kana Bogaki (board member of Makuake) where they talked about the festival from girls' perspective.

Ando who has been visiting the festival since 2003 gave a presentation of the ETAT - by saying "the festival now has been supported by local people and kohebi members and there are variou tours to get around, it was much more difficult to get to the artworks in the past as the festival was still very much prematured."

Then they moved onto talk about food. While Tanaka said she couldn't forget about hegisoba (Japanese soba noodle), Bogaki responded by saying "yukimigozen" was so delicious which is served by local women. Ando introduced a theatrical restaurant Echigo-Tsumari Kamigo Clove Theatre as an artwork which allows participants to taste local delicacies with stories passed onto for generations in the region.

To a question of "what is your favourite artwork", Ando answered with "Dream House" and "The Last Class". Although these interventions utilising abandoned houses and closed schools have become common in recent years, they were so pioneering when they were first built. Tanaka's favourite is Museum of Picture Book Art. She was taken by "walk-in-museum" and pleased to meet the artist, Seizo Tashima, and said that "it is Echigo-Tsumari where you are able to see artist engaging with the community in between years of the festival". What Bogaki remembered was "restructure" which ceased to be presented this year and Snow Fireworks. The talk was concluded by advices on the best outfits for the snow country.

There was also a live connection to the press conference being held in Echigo-Tsumari during the talk and Fram Kitagawa, mayor of Tokamachi-city and Tsunan-town expressed their enthusiasm for ETAT2018 to the audience.

Bogaki who runs crowd-funding on-line platform, Makuake suggested to develop more products by answering to the last question, "what is missing from Echigo-Tsumari?". Tanaka with experience in producing products and Ando also came up with ideas such as onsen cosmetics in a nice package or hot-kairo, and guided tour targeting for girls.

We will be very pleased to see more people will discover and experience the region through the festival as they refer to the perspective of the three guests who have been enjoying how the festival has been expanding.

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