Leandro Erlich tried the first proto-type at KINARE for ETAT2018

2018 TRIENNALENEWSPosted : December 25, 2017

Leandro Erlich who is presenting a retrospective show at Mori Art Museum visited Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art, KINARE and tried the first prototype of the artwork for ETAT2018.

He checked how a sheet with a pattern of the sky would appear on the bottom of the pond. It showed the dark-blue sky in the water and transformed the cool and sharp atompsphere of KINARE into soft and embracing ones. We can't help imagining what it would look like if the sheet was spread out across the entire pond.

Reference image of the artwork for ETAT2018

In addition to the artwork by Leandro, the corridor surrounding the pond will be a venue for presenting 40 of the selected "2.7m cubic space" representing artists and architects' perspectives. Leandro's artwork and the special exhibition, "The Hojoki Shiki in 2018: Spatial designs of 10 square feet and their development" will contribute to the birth of an alternative museum.

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Leandro has been engaged with Echigo-Tsumari since his first artwork, Tsumari's House in ETAT2006 followed by one of the permanent collections at KINARE, "Tunnel" in ETAT2012 and "Lost Winter" opened to the public in 2017 at Sansho House.

"Lost Winter" photo by Osamu Nakamura

"Tsumari's House" photo by Masanori Ikeda

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"Tunnel" photo by Osamu Nakamura

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