【Open Call】Residency performing artist / company to present at Azamihira Theatre Festival during ETAT2018

2018 TRIENNALEOPEN CALLPosted : January 31, 2018

Passage of time in Azamihira village located in Tokamachi-city, Niigata prefecture is a creation by nature that changes from one season to the another and people who live in such environment. People like us from outside come and stay in such space for a while which may prompt to find something - that could be a gap from myself yesterday, an emotion that could be forgotten or distance yet so close. These will help you discover Azamihira and you may like to tell your finding to other people in the act of performance. Azamihira Theatre Festival is a festival that will be created in this place by local people and visitors.

Katsuhiko Hibino, Jury: Head of the Day After Tomorrow News Paper Cultural Department

(Cover photo: Azamihira Theatre Festival 2015 photo by Osamu Nakamura)