2nd collaborative project between Oisix and ETAT under “from artist to table”

Posted : February 22, 2018

Package design by Yusuke Asai
【Collaborative project between Oisix and ETAT】
Organic Uonuma Koshihikari Rice

"from artist to table" is a collaborative project between ETAT and Oisix.inc to bring something "fun to cooking and eating" with art. Artist(s) engaging with ETAT will design a product package and help contribute "art to appreciate as you enjoy eating".

The 2nd product is organic Koshihikari rice grown in Echigo-Tsumari region which package is designed by Yusuke Asai who presented his artwork "Choma". The rice in a special package will be available for purchase from Monday 12 February 2018 on Daichi-wo-mamoru-kai and from Thursday 15 February 2018 on Oisix.

The real-size artwork was drawn with soil and water which is displayed at the wall of the entrance of the Oisix.inc, representing the vital power of soil which is necessary to growing rice.

Photo by Keizo Kioku

<Comment by Yusuke Asai>
ETAT held in the beautiful landscape of Tokamachi is a special art festival to me in the way that it engages local people to complete the festival. Please visit Echigo-Tsumari Art Field and explore artworks dotted across the region. I am sure you will discover something new everytime you visit the region.

Yusuke Asai
Born in 1981 in Tokyo, resides in Tokyo. Painter. Using ordinary materials such as tapes, pens, soils, dust and white lines, the artist freely draws not only on canvas, wrapping paper of sugar cube and paper napkins but also on large-scale wall-painting and geoglyph.


The first project invited Seizo Tashima, the artist of Museum of Picture Book Art who designed a package of natural water which has been on sale since Tuesday 17 January 2017. ≫"CUBE WATER Kirishima"

Click ≫here to find out about the 1st project.

【Quotation from Oisix.daichi.Inc】
Tokamachi-city is known for a beautiful Satoyama landscape comprising of terraced landscape across the region.
By helping organically grown rice reach many consumers, we thought we could not only contribute to keep this beautiful landscape and pass it onto the next generations but also support rice growers and the terraced rice fields.
As Tokamachi-city has been a stage for the art festival, we managed to engage an artist and create a unique and only package for the product. We hope you will enjoy tasting the rice as you enjoy artworks and think about the beautiful Satoyama in heard. (Oisix.daichi, inc.)

About Oisix.daichi.inc
Under the guiding agenda of "a table for future and field for future", Oisix.daichi.inc has been running business and projects that provide solutions with social challenges relating to food. They have been providing safe and secure food spanning from organically grown to least additives processed food through Oisix and Daichi-wo-mamoru-kai. "Kit Oisix", a meal kit with recipe and necessary ingridients has been sold 8,000,000 sets in total as of December 2017 since its starts in July 2013. They are planning to establish a designated site for meal-kit in collaboration with NTT Docomo in 2018. They will also acquire Radishbo-ya Co., Ltd., in February 2018 and aim to expand the network of the delivery service of safe and secure food. They have also developed mobile supermarket for those who find it difficult to go shopping through an aquisition of Tokushimaru.