Kingsley Ng returned to Ashitaki village for the first time in nine years

2018 TRIENNALEPosted : May 9, 2018

Kingsley Ng (伍韶勁), an artist from Hong Kong and one of the ETAT2018 participating artist with a new artwork visited Echigo-Tsumari.

Ng focuses on conceptual, site-specific, participatory and process-based projects. Through his artworks in different forms and various media including interactive installations, public workshop, sound, spacial design, and experience-based design, he has build relations between the artworks and their stories.

Ng created his artwork in Ashitaki village in Tsunan area during the fourth festival in ETAT2009. For ETAT2018, Ng's work will be presented in the shuttle bus which will take visitors around Tsunan area. The proposed artwork is to transform "bus" into camera obscura. Part of the inside of the bus carrige will be turned into a darkroom with two pinholes. The inside of the bus will be filled with landscape projected as the bus moves while you can also listen to sound of the landscape through headphone.

▲Reference image of the new artwork for ETAT2018

▲"Wind Chimes" (2009) photo by Takenoshi Miyamoto and Hiromi Seno

During his inspection visit for the new artwork he was able to see local people from Ashitaki village for the first time in nine years.

Local mothers rememebered his favourites and welcomed him with home-cooked meal including "kurumafu".

The artwork will be waiting for you to experinece as you hop onto a shuttle bus running in Tsunan area.

※ How to purchase bus ticket and other details will be available on this official website closer to the festival.