Koichi Sakao presents “Green Room Project” at Shinjuku NEWoMAN from 7 May

2018 TRIENNALEPosted : May 9, 2018

We are pleased to inform you that Koichi Sakao's artwork has been on display at the showwindow of the entrance to Shinjuku NEWoMan. To join a Shinjuku NEWoMAN's May campaign, "responding to the sun" with its theme clour being green, Sakao presents "Green Room Project".

About the display at Shinjuku NEWoMAN
Duration: Monday 7 May - Friday 15 June 2018
Venue: Showwindow at the main entrance to NEWoMAN on the level 2
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Green Room Project by Koichi Sakao(2006, 2012~2018)

Koichi Sakao Profile
Born in Ishikawa in 1968. Artist and associate professor at Tokyo University of Technology. Using frottage, a drawing technique in which the artist takes a drawing tool and makes a rubbing over an uneven surface to reveal patterns of what he/she is rubbing. He has been capturing and "printing" traces of local people's life and their activities in given places. He has also been running many art projects engaging local people.