Ticket are on sale! Book before sold out to experiece special events during ETAT2018

2018 TRIENNALEPosted : June 23, 2018

Ticket to see and experience special events during ETAT2018 are now on sale.
Make sure you get your seats before sold out!

〇28, 29 Juyl: ETAT2018 opening concert
”Takeshi Kobayashi: Symphonic Suite “Beyond the Circle” based on “the flow of the river is ceaseless” by Minao Shibata”
>>> Click here for details. 
〇11 Aug: Parade Parade! Happy Baka Kinoko Dance
>>>Click here for details.
〇12 Aug: Shizzle Otaka BACCA*GOHGI Hachi Festival 2018
>>> Click here for details.
〇14 Aug: Fil de Cocon
>>>Click here for details.
〇18 Aug: Hit&Silence!!! >>>Click here for details.
〇25 Aug: Atsuko Hirota "Kiri no koromo">>>Click here for details.
〇8 Sep: IDAKI
>>>Click here for details.