Hurry! Purchase ticket for events you want to see during ETAT2018!

2018 TRIENNALEPosted : July 16, 2018

Performance, play, music concert, dance - there are lots of "must-see" events during the ETAT2018 starting from 29 July and tickets for these events are selling first!
Make sure you will include them in your travel itinerary and buy tikcet on-line before they are sold out.

<List of recommended events>
"Happy Bakakinoko dance on parade, parade!"
: an event suided for all age including family with small children.
"Fil de Cocon"
: Unique circus performers including the world's best ropewalker and a horse actor/acrobat present a fantastic performance to joruri music amidst the primal landscapes of the region.
"Azamihira Theater Festival"
: Under the supervision by Katsuhiko Hibino, seven groups selected through the public call will present their performances in the outdoor stage with satoyama background.
“Kiri no Koromo” by Atsuko Hiarota
: Atsuko Hirota, dancer and choreographer, presents performance on "Pavillon / Papillon" by Dominique Perrault. Maya Nishizawa who will be a co-performer of the stage is one of the members of a theatre company, Noizum in Niigata.
“Puzzle Creature” by Neon Dance
: A performance by a dance company from Britain - must check out stage design by Numen.

Ticket are available for purchase on-line - so don't miss these great performances.
Click here to find out list of events.