New menu at Ubusuna House & Additional reservation times at Kamigo Clove Theatre Restaurant!

2018 TRIENNALEPosted : August 8, 2018

At the 2018 Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale we are once again delighted to offer a full cuisine programme, with local women treating you to delicious meals using local produce from the region. If you have yet to experience any of our cuisine programmes, we encourage you to do so.

▼Ubusuna House (Restaurant closed every Wednesday) ※Open on August 15th
Presenting a selection of main dishes with the themes "Mountain" (Tsunan pork), "River" (salmon) or "Field" (deep-fried wheat gluten - a Niigata specialty) served with delicious local vegetables!
Ubusuna House is a traditionally-inspired local restaurant set in a beautiful thatched house built almost 100 years ago. Here you are able to enjoy home-cooked meals made by the local women of the region served in beautiful pottery. In 2018 a terrace was added to the house and you can enjoy this wonderful experience in this newly-added space as well. We are pleased to see many repeat visitors to Ubusuna House thanks to the delicious food and local experience. Also serving the signature "Ubusuna curry" dish.


▼Kamigo Clove Theatre Restaurant
Due to popular demand, we have added an additional reservation timeslot at 11:40!
(To book for 11:40 reservations, please call this number: 025-755‐5363)

Located inside Kamigo Clove Theatre, a repurposed old elementary school, the Clove Theatre Restaurant has been highly popular with visitors who are able to enjoy lively theatrical performances by the local women who serve you home-cooked meals. This year's special menu is inspired by an essay called "Hokuestu Seppu", written in the Edo period about life in this snowy region. Contemporary food artist EAT&ART TARO has created this special menu using local Tsunan seasonal summer produce. Actor Aoi Nozu has developed the script that the local women "act" out in a theatrical setting while cooking and serving your meals.


Photo by Ayumi Yanagi