“HIKARIORI -Weaving the Lights” by Kyota Takahashi was granted ACCA award!

NEWSPosted : December 22, 2018

We are pleased to announce that "HIKARIORI -Weaving the Lights" by Kyota Takahashi received "ACCA award". ACCA Award is given to celebrate architectural, artistic or craft projects and artworks realising environment and space which give strong impression on people, organised by Japan Association Of Artists Craftsmen & Architects.

"HIKARIORI -Weaving the Lights" is work of light at the corridor space of the entrance to Echigo-Tsumari Cultural Hall (2017). The light expresses rich layer of nature and culture using various colours representing four seasons of Echigo-Tsumari region as well as a locally produced texitle "Tokamachi Yuzen". The light program changes every month as if it follows the change of seasons.

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Kyota Takahashi will return to Echigo-Tsumari Art Field 2019 Winter, SNOWART with his much-waited project, "Gift for Frozen Village 2019" on Saturday 2 March 2019 in the same site where Echigo-Tsumari Snow Fireworks will take place.
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Photo by Ayumi yanagi

Photo by Osamu Nakamura