Winter menu at Echigo-Matsudai Satoyama Shokudo and Bar Echigo Shinanogawa

NEWSPosted : February 10, 2019

Bar Echigo Shinanogawa (at KINARE) and Echigo-Matsudai Satoyama Shokudo (at Matsudai Nohbutai) are pleased to serve special menu coinciding with Echigo-Tsumari Art Field 2019 Winter SNOWART. Enjoy joyful menu inspired by winter exhibitions, sweets featuring local ingredients and warm drinks as you experience SNOWART programmes.

Bar Echigo Shinanogawa
Try sweets developed in collaboration with participating artists in Snowy Wonderland, Misa Funai and YORIKO.

*Sweet poteto / chocola by Misa Funai

*Berry Sandwich by YORIKO

*Play with snow latte art by Bar Echigo Shinanogawa

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Echigo-Matsudai Satoyama Shokudo
Special menu includes home-made sweets using locally-grown black walnut and warm drink. Take your drink as you enjoy the exhibition of art books.

*Caramelised black walnut and maccha parfait

*Black walnut mochi

*Gemai mucchi

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Opening hours
Bar Echigo Shinanogawa / Echigo-Matsudai Satoyama Shokudo
10:00~17:00(L.O.16:30)Closed on Wednesdays