Join a team to create flower field of ligt with Kyota Takahashi for “Gift for Frozen Village 2019”

NEWSPosted : February 10, 2019

Join the team to help complete "Gift for Frozen Village 2019" by Kyota Takahashi. Plant "seed of light (LED)" in the snow field to create the flower filed of light over snow.

You can join the preparation starting a week before the event or you can just help on the date of the event. You will be impressed to see how the simple snow field transforms into the flower field of light after working with other volunteers and local people.

Anyone is welcome to join - please bring your family or friend along.
*If you haven't registered as local volunteer please do so prior to participation.
Click ≫here to register.

■Date and time: 9:00-17:30 from Sunday 24 February to Saturday 2 March 2019
     ※ Duration of the production may change depending on the weather and progress.

■Venue: Atema Kogen Resort Belnatio (Tamagawa, Tokamachi-city, Niigata)

○Meet at the venue between 24 February - 1 March
※If you don't have a means to get there meet the project team at KINARE at 8:30 (limited seats available / booking required).
○Everyone meets at 8:30 at the west exit of Tokamachi station on 2 March and take a special shuttle for the voluneers to the venue. You will have to take one of the shuttle buses to return home after the event.

※ The road to the venue will be closed for unauthorised vehicles on 2 March.

■What you help:
24 Feb - 1 Mar: Stomping snow / making a walkway
2 Mar: Planting "seed of light" in the snowfield

■ What to bring: lunch (lunch will be availalbe for purchse with prior-booking), water-proof outfit for cold weather, rain-boots, knitted cap, a pair of gloves, change clothes, towel, a pair of sunglass, and show-shoes (if possible)

Please put enogh layers on to keep yourself warm in order to work outdoor in cold for long hours.

■ Please download the form to register and return the completed form to Tokamachi city Kanko Koryu department by fax.

>>Click (here (Word)(PDF) to download the form.

You may like to email details required in the form with title "registration for volunteering with Gift for Frozen Village" (or in Japanese「雪花火 光の花畑サポーター申込み」).
     Fax :+81 (0)25-757-2285

※ Please register through Kohebi office if you live outside Niigata prefectue and are registered as Kohebi.

※ We will send you a call for support if you are local supporters so please register through Tokamachi-city.

■Deadline for registration
Monday 18 February 2019 for the participation during 24 Feb - 1 Mar
Monday 25 February 2019 for the participation on 2 Ma

・Please stay on and enjoy the event and Snow Fireworks after your activity finishes on 2 March.
・You will come ack to Tokamachi station some time between 21:00 and 22:00 after the event on 2 March as you use shuttle bus service with other visitors.
・The participation will be closed before the deadline date as the number reaches to the maximum capacity.

Registration / inquiries
Attention to Takahashi
ETAT Project Office at Kanko Koryu Dept, Tokamachi city
c/o Tokamachi Tourist Information Centre
251-17 Asahicho, Tokamachi-city 948-0079

TEL +81(0)25-757-2637  FAX +81(0)25-757-2285

First and third photos by Tsutomu Yamada