Meet Maoshan Connie at Museum of Picture Book Art

NEWSPosted : April 28, 2019

Maoshan Connie has arrived at Museum of Picture Book Art to stay and start production of artworks for the special exhibition commemorating 10th year anniversary of the museum. Come and meet her and a very new-born baby kid.

Connie from Hong Kong is a picture book artist and also advocator for protecting nature and animals. The special exhibition shows original drawings of her picture books as well as artworks featuring landscape and people of the Hachi village, tracing the journey she has been through last ten years since she met Seizo Tashima for the first time during the preparation for the launch of the museum. She was hugely inspired by him and this encounter influenced on her production since then.
Duration of the special exhibition: Saturday 27 April - Monday 16 September 2019

Special talk between Connie and Seizo Tashima
Date and time: 13:30~ Sat 27 April 2019
Venue: Museum of Picture BookArt

10 events to celebrate10-year anniversary

1、This is where Maoshan Connie began her journey(4/27~9/16)
2、Special talk between Connie and Seizo Tashima(4/27 13:30~)
3、Making Hachi Map (4/28 13:00~15:00)
4、Drawing Shizuka, the goat with Seizo Tashima(5/5 13:00~15:00)
5、Environment and Art vol.1 "About forest in Laos" talk between Seizo Tashima and Masumi Takeyasu(5/3 13:00~15:00)
6、Celebrating 10th year "Museum of Picture Book Art: what a wonderful day"(7/27 tbc)
7、Hachi Osenaka Bon-Odori(evening of 8/12)
8、"Original Drawings from Himitsu-no-kaidan" by Seizo Tashima
  Nigh Museum, Himitsu-no-kaidan(9/21~)
9、A special exhibition featuring works of Seizo Tashima(9/21~)
10、Hinemosu live and autumn feast!(early November, tbc)

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