Standing sake bar, YOIGOMA by KIGI won ADC award

NEWSPosted : July 30, 2019

One of the participating artworks in ETAT2018, Yoigoma, the standing sake bar by KIGI has won Tokyo Art Directors Club award for 2019.

"Yoigoma, the standing sake bar" was one of the participating artworks in Hojoki Shiki 2018 exhibition held in the corridor space of Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art, KINARE during ETAT2018 where approximately 30 groups of artists and architects presented how to use 2.73 square meter space. Yoigoma, the standing sake bar drew inspiration from "bekusakazuki" ,a cup which doesn't stand and thus one has to drink up what's inside in order not to spill. The 2.73 square meter space was transformed into a small bar which served sake in a "Yoigoma", a top-shaped cup like bekusakazuki.

The award is advertising prize selected by Tokyo Art Directors Club and package design and surrounding space were appreciated.

ADC award
D-BROS+Tsunan Shuzo+Art Front Gallery "Yoigoma"
Ryosuke Uehara(Art Director, Creative Director)
Yoshie Watanabe(Art Director)
Satoru Miyata(Creative Director)

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Yoigoma "Kirino To" is available for purchase from
Echigo-Tsumari On-line Shop

Yoigoma-packaged Kirino To (by Tsunan Shuzo) is available for purchase on-line.
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